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As IEBT we adapt our service portfolio according to the current market requirements. We attach value to customizing our offers to the individual needs of our customers. Following you can see several of our already successfully executed projects.

  • Examining cost optimization potentials through structured electricity procurement

  • Preliminary examination of a company's position within the electricity procurement

  • Brokerage for a department store chain

  • Realizing electricity tenders

  • Realizing natural gas tenders

  • Determining a proper load forecast tool including the schedule preparation

  • Examining cost optimization potentials within electricity procurement - classic full supply vs. structured energy procurement

  • Evaluating GABi Gas influences on an EDM-system

  • External audit of existing risk guidelines concerning the electricity trading of a municipal utility company


  • Energy trading at the stock market (spot and future markets)

  • Energy business / power trading

  • Practical knowledge about energy trade

  • Electricity trade and its' instruments

  • Price forecasts in electricity trade: chart -, trend analysis etc.


  • Electricty costs optimization by structured procurement

  • Benchmarking structured electricty produrement

  • Electricity price procurement until 2014 (2020)

  • Improving the conditions regarding the location of an industrial major customer within the German power market - Adapting the price fixing at the EEX and additional identifiable requirements for change in the power trade

  • Economic efficiency parts for expert reports about grid reinforcement measures


  • Series: Cost advantages for electricity procurement within the liberalized power market

  • Effects of the upcoming regulatory authority on the German energy business

  • How will the electricity prices develop? How to recognize favourable points in time for  procurement?




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