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Grid operations

Since the liberalization the requirements for energy suppliers and municipal utility companies increased enormous. The incentive regulation confronts participants with an extreme cost pressure and the legal unbundling regulations induce reorganization of present structures. Additionally there are increased investments in grids to maintain dated installations, the grid extension to feed solar and wind energy into the network and the increased stress of competition caused by the mounting number of suppliers.

IEBT supports customers to meet legal requirements and regulations as well as to establish a successful market position despite the expanding area of tension.

Configuring grid operations in a regulated enviroment
  • Realizing the unbundling
  • Accounting unbundling ( 10 EnWG)
  • Informational unbundling ( 9 EnWG)
  • Operational unbundlilng ( 8 Abs. 2-4 EnWG)
  • Legal unbundling ( 7EnWG)


Decision-supporting tools

  • Evaluating grids and installations
  • Segmenting resources
  • Evaluating measures on network buys, sells or privatization

Regulation management

  • Adapting the organizational structure to legal requirements
  • Applying, calculating and documenting grid fees (gas and electricity)
  • Interface between municipal utility companies and BNetzA/ LRegB


Balancing group management (gas and electricity)

  • Creating schedules
  • Checking the balancing group accounting on legal regulations
  • Ensuring communication with market participants

Developing smart grid / smart metering

  • Integrating renewable energies and energy management in distribution networks
  • Economic implementation and developing new business areas


Services for ultimate consumers

Grid fees

  • Supporting approval procedures concerning the reduction of grid fees ( 19 (2) sentence 1 StromNEV)
  • Supporting approval procedures concerning the exemption from grid fees ( 19 (2) sentence 2 StromNEV)
  • Checking necessary requirements
  • Documenting and determining necessary data and load profiles

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