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Energy supply optimization




Energy supply optimization

The energy market’s liberalization ended the regional monopolistic gas and electricity supply. The deregulation and the resulting possibilities of through-transmission allow numerous heterogeneous business relations, which may lead to an optimized energy supply. Procurement strategies aim at performing as exact forecasting methods as possible, minimizing risks, staying within budget and realizing profit.

Within the structured energy procurement we consider all energy sources the market has to offer. The price volatilities are used to realize profit and reduce costs. We analyze your load profile and forecast your requirements in a given timeframe. Taking the existing possibilities and our corporate agreements into consideration, we choose the fitting strategy to meet your goals.


Potential analysis of energy cost-reduction

  • Examination of reimbursement mechanism elictricity tax law (§§9, 9a, 9b, 10 StromStG)
  • Examination of reimbursement mechanism energy tax law (§51-55 EnergieStG)
  • Examination EEG's special equalisation scheme §63 ff. EEG 2014)
  • Examination network charge reduction (§19 StromNEV)


Supporting your gas and electricity procurement

  • Qualifying risks
  • Short-, medium- und long-term price forecasts
  • Preparing demand forecasts
  • Developing customized procurement strategies



  • Compilation of your load profiles for the tender
  • Selecting and qualifying potential suppliers
  • Recommendations for action


Portfolio management

  • Implementation of procurement stretegies
  • Recommending specific markets and transactiontypes
  • Implementation of hedging strategies
  • Developing a sales manual


Market monitoring (daily, weekly, monthly)

  • Developing market reports based on the current settlement prices:
  • Price development (gas, electricity)
  • Limit Control Charts with recommendations for action
  • Comparison between open and closed positions

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